“Food Business Ideas” is an outgrowth of my lifelong love for food!

While my farming neighbors’ kids in the 1960’s spent their time helping “dad” repair a tractor, or milk a cow, I preferred to be inside with my chair next to the stove, “helping”  Mom with the finger lickin’ cookie batter. I had my share of chores to do, of course. But during the good times, I was snuggled up with a dough or a meaty casserole, watching it come to life, and fill the house with wonderful odors.

When fresh bread came out of the oven, it was time for a youngster to be careful… you could get trampled! We took fresh farm white bread out of the oven, sliced carefully and added globs of our own homemade butter, and maybe a sprinkle of sugar.  After it cooled, we would mix fresh cream with homemade black cap, red raspberry, or chokecherry jelly, and dip the bread… oooooo! Red and purple creamy faces! Still one of my favorite treats, but given what we now know about healthy eating, and the relative non availability of organic, farm fresh ingredients we enjoyed back then, I do not get it as often as I like.

Back then, I did not see the future of working IN the food business, so went to college, majoring in Forestry (an outgrowth of my love for the outdoors) and later, an earned an MBA, both at the University of Idaho.

However, life plays funny tricks, and in 2001, my wife and I got involved as independent sales reps, selling gourmet foods and gifts to retail stores for small scale manufacturers. In 2002, we launched our own line of sauces, and the rest, as they say, is history!

Sandy staying in the gift rep business, and I became a gourmet food entrepreneur.

We started with our Idaho Redneck BarbieQ Sauce (still one of our top selling products), later expanding our Redneck line to many products. Then we launched, in 2004,  our Gold Mountain Gourmet line of huckleberry products. Also, early on we developed a Tastes of Idaho initiative where we sell our products, and the lines of several other Idaho companies, both online and at various shows.

And of course, we were sent a photo of comedian George Lopez with a bottle of our BarbieQ Sauce from a 2006 Pre-Emmy Awards party!

Anyway, our company is now called Gourmet Innovations LLC, and we make a growing number of products, and plan to start helping people get into the food business. THIS BUSINESS IS JUST TOO MUCH FUN!

We look forward to hearing from you, and sharing your love of food, and your passion for the business of food!